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The purpose of Bona Clinic's homepage is to provide all information about otoplasty to patients and their guardians.
Since the ear has a complex three-dimensional structure in which a frame composed of one cartilage is covered by thin skin, it is not easy to reconstruct such a structure
Unlike general plastic surgery, Bona Clinic does not perform other cosmetic surgeries, and is concentrating on only one area, otoplasty.

Ear Surgery

The ear is not simply an organ of hearing that hears sounds,
but also a tool for hanging glasses and wearing accessories such as earrings.
It is also an aesthetic body part. However, even if there is a congenital or acquired deformity,
In most cases, surgery is not performed unless
it is not severe and functional problems are not greatly felt.

Recently, however, as interest in appearance has increased
along with the development of cosmetic surgery, interest in ear surgery has also increased.
It's getting higher The ear is a structure in which a complexly curved
cartilage framework is wrapped in thin skin.
In order to make the shape similar to normal,
you need to make a three-dimensional shape with the skeleton and skin.
So it belongs to a fairly difficult operation.

In the field of plastic surgery, ear plastic surgery focused on
reconstruction to treat deformity of the ear after trauma in the past.
There was, but gradually the area has been expanded to the treatment of
congenital ear deformity.
Congenital ear deformity is caused by abnormalities in various stages during the
development of the ear, and it is expressed in various shapes depending on the degree.
Well-known ear deformities include skin tag, buried ear, constricted ear and prominent ear, etc

Name of Ear

Development of Ear

At 5 weeks of age, the ears are made up of 6 lobes that are created
in what are called the first and second branchial arches.
It is made in Hillock, and if there is an abnormality in the process of forming ears in Hillock,
various congenital ear deformations occur.

Although each researcher insists on a slightly different opinion about
which structure of the ear is made in a certain hillock,
All are in the same position that congenital deformities occur
abnormally at this stage of development.
Depending on the degree of abnormality in the development stage,
minor or severe forms of deformation will be decided.

Photos at 6 and 9 weeks of age
(Source: website for th UNC of medicine)